This is the next collab between Xarc and me! 🙂

Panther is a mixture of the 1980’s cars DeTomaso Pantera and Ferrari 288 GTO, but it does not share the rear-wheel drive from it’s real-life counterparts. Instead it’s a FWD-car, with lack in acceleration, but very high top speed. I like the parameters made by Xarc very much. It’s a little bit unstable from time to time, but this is exactly what I like. A car not too easy to drive, which makes even more fun, when finding out “how it works”.

The car is based on a model, which was provided by Mighty Cucumber in October, who found it at TurboSquid. Thx Mighty for giving me the opportunity to work on this great model!

Have fun with Panther! 🙂

Dec. 3rd, 2018