1. Kiwi
    Kiwi says:

    Hi Aleon,
    thanks for your interest in the PPP-project. I’m looking forward for your submission. Ether you send me your skin(s) via mail, or you send it to me in Discord, after you’ve created an account. You can see my contact possibilities above.

    Regarding your questions:
    1. You are right, thie skins by Iron Bob aren’t included because of a different mapping. At first we allowed also different mappings, because our plan was to release the skins as standalone-cars. But we changed this plan later, so the remapped skins are sadly not available in the pack.
    2. Number 80 by Trixed was rejected because of the similarities to the KFC-logo first, but I decided to put it into the pack anyways. I have to adjust the list at TRH-forum, thank you for pointing that out.

    I hope to hear from you soon. Greetings to Japan!

  2. Kiwi
    Aleon says:

    I’m Aleon, Japanese Re-Volter.

    I’m interesting in the project – “PPP(The Pemto Pack Project)-100.”
    But, I’ve never joined any communities – The Re-Volt Hideout, Re-Volt Zone, and so on.
    And what is worse, I don’t have a Discord ID.
    May I join in it?

    My plan is follow:
    1. About skin
    Number: 43
    Colors: Red/Dark Red/White
    Sponsor: Adeon

    2. About misc.
    Transmission means: Email
    Creation time: about 1 week

    1. Some skins isn’t included in latest Zip-FIle. Are they caused by remapped skins?
    #57 – Iron Bob – Orange/Blue/Black – Sponsor “FuryStone tires”
    #77 – Iron Bob – Green/Purple – Sponsor “Dunno Financial”

    2. There is the skin that isn’t written in the forum thread about PPP.
    #80 – Trixed – White/Red(?) – Sponsor “FCK”

    I’m sorry for ranting.

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