RVGL Plus (Or simply “Plus Pack”) is a package with additional Re-Volt content, compiled especially (but not only for) competitive Re-Volt sessions. It is an alternative to the famous I/O track- and car-packs, but with a focus on competitive races, where all players use the same car. Same (or even more) as the I/O packs, the contents of the Plus Pack stay true to the original games aestethics. This goes for preview picture designs, preview picture sizes, texture sizes, low-poly models, the use of fictional brands, and so on. Also no tracks converted from other games (Mario Kart, Penny Racers,…) are part of the Plus Pack.

The Plus Pack is always 100% I/O compatible. This means that you can safely install it, without getting compatibility issues during online races. This will be achieved by the fact that the Plus Pack is using the files from the I/O packs as a base. If a new I/O pack version will be released, also the Plus Pack will get updated.

A difference to the I/O packs is, that there is only one download needed. All cars, tracks and skins are compiled in one package.

What is included in the Plus Pack

The Dreamcast Pack
46 Custom tracks
58 Custom cars
300+ Carskins

List of Car Classes |  List of Track Categories

Have fun with the Plus Pack!

Version 19.0415

ZIP-File, 403 MB

Alternative Download:
7z-File, 335 MB

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