Beehive Valley Adventures

This is my entry for 2019’s Themed Lego Extreme Track Competition.

Short description:

You know Conker, Banjoo-Kazooie, Croc or Gex? You think it is not possible to turn Re-Volt into a late-90’s 3D platformer like the ones listed above?

Beehive Valley Adventures is a homage to the games of my youth and everything inside this map comes right out of my diseased brain – which was maybe caused by exact this games? 😉

Choose either Timothy the Mouse or Wolly the Sheep to start your adventure today! Pick up diamonds in Hedgehog Hills. Meet a naked water nymph in Fairy River. Collect magic mushrooms at the Mushroom Mountains. Perform crazy boat-jumps in Popcorn Plains. Fall down the narrow platforms at The Swampland and smash your gamepad out the window after the 100th try. Yay!

Depending on your choose (Timothy’s car or Wolly’s boat), the experience will feel different. Not all quests can be done with both of them, so choose wisely. Please only use the included vehicles to get full joy. Some of the quests  are pretty tricky, so don’t start whining. This is how videogames were like back then, you remember? 😉

Major features of Beehive Valley Adventures:

  • Big stunt arena with 5 different areas to explore
  • 1 car and 1 boat included
  • Meet several sexist talking and cursing characters
  • Collect 64 diamonds and solve other quests
  • 2-5 hours of play time, depending on your skill
  • A lot of customizations (sounds, moving objects…)
  • Oldschool soundtrack by Heatley Bros

Parental Information: Beehive Valley Adventures is rated “M” for crude and sexual content, bad language and brief nudity.

Please check the included [README].txt for more information.

The vehicles are based on cars by Kipy.
Timothy is based on a character made by Kipy.
Some of the textures are courtesy of DC.All.
Music by Heatley Bros.

Have fun! 🙂

June 7th, 2019

Preview Videos:

Wolly’s Boat

Timothy’s Car

Bruno’s Quest

In-Game Screenshots: