Spa-Volt 1


After 6 months of work, this is my first track, and it’s called Spa-Volt.


Short description:

The track is located at a typical Middle European Spa-Resort. There is an indoor and an outdoor area. You drive beside the pools, through the Spa-restaurant, and the changing room area. It’s nighttime, and a heavy autumn storm is going on. The gutters can’t handle the amount of rain anymore, the thunder is frightening. By contrast, the pools are still romantically illuminated because the Spa was closed only 30 minutes before the RC-cars took over. Not even the cleaning ladies were able to finish their work! So, expect some chaos like mountains of laundry, and a fresh delivery of unopened boxes full of mysterious rubber ducks. 😉


Major features of Spa-Volt:

  • Open-World-like area
  • Challenging race line with a lot of alternative routes
  • Reverse mode
  • Lot of customizations (sounds, materials, spark effects, …)
  • Practice mode duck … ehhh … star
  • 2 racing ducks … ehhh … stars
  • Time trial times to beat
  • 3 ways to finish the race (Different Start/Finish lines)


Thanks to Mr. Burguers, for doing the ViziBoxes.
Very Special Thanks to Wichilie, for doing this awesome AI-nodes in V 1.1!


Have fun, and a “relaxing” time at Spa-Volt! 🙂


Sept. 1st 2018


Changelog from Version 1.0 to Version 1.1:

  • Corrected the zap spark bug (steam instead of electricity)
  • Corrected the bomb spark bug (steam instead of sparks)
  • Corrected the invisible wall issue at the technic room
  • Corrected the startpostion bug (Y-axis)
  • Corrected several clipping errors (ramps, obstacles)
  • Corrected several mapping errors
  • Corrected some pureblack issues (clocks, doors)
  • Adjusted some trackzones to avoid unintended shortcuts
  • Adjusted starfire.wav sound
  • Adjusted time trial times to beat
  • Adjusted indoor whirlpool spark effects
  • Changed slippery signs to moveable objects (also in multiplayer)
  • Changed some pickup positions
  • Optimized outdoor pool spark effects (better performance)
  • Optimized camera nodes
  • Completly new AI-nodes
  • Added pipe shaft coverages in technic room
  • Added indoor pool spark effects
  • Added some more camera shorteners
  • Added some wine bottles in the restaurant area


In-Game Screenshots: