Radioactive Garden: Reversed

This download add a Reversed Version to Urnemandens’s great Radioactive Garden track, originally released in 2009. The upgrade does not touch any files from the track’s normal version, so it’s 100% Online multiplayer compatible with the I/O-Pack version from Radioactive Garden. The download also includes a new track picture. There is a backup of the original track picture included, so you can go back to the original picture any time.

The Reversed Version follows exactly the same path then the normal version. I only had to remove a “dead end” at the beginning of the forrest-area, where some stairs  blocked the reversed path. I also added some new pickups, and the star is located on a different position.

If someone wants to do better AI-nodes, feel free to do so, and send them over to me so I can include them in the download later. The included AI-nodes are only very basic ones, because my main goal was, to make the track available for Online multiplayer races.

Have fun! 🙂

April 15th, 2019