Sakura: HD Plants

This is a “track-skin”, which replace several plant textures from Human’s awesome Sakura track with better quality ones. I always had the feeling, that the plant and grass textures wasn’t on the same level then the rest of the tracks quality. As a bonus, also the skybox is replaced with a new one. The skybox is from this homepage, and was recommended by Flyboy. I haven’t touched the rest of the textures (walls, wood,…), because they are already pretty good.

At installation, only some texture- and skybox-files will be replaced, no other files. This means that this track-skin is 100% compatible when playing online multiplayer. The download also includes a new track picture. There are backups of the original files included as well, so you can go back to the original files without any issues any time.

Have fun, and Thanks Human for making one of the best custom Re-Volt tracks ever! 🙂

March 3rd, 2019


Japanese garden area:


Tea house area:


Starting area:


Long straight area:


More screenshots: