ToySoldierz: Reversed

This download add a Reversed Version to Skitch2’s track ToySoldierz. The upgrade does not touch any files from the track’s normal version, so it’s 100% Online multiplayer compatible with the normal ToySoldierz. The download also includes a new (more stock-like) track picture. There is a backup of the original track picture included, so you can go back to the original picture any time.

The track is about 100m shorter then the normal ToySoldierz, because it skips the whole oncoming traffic part, as well the jump over the wall. But this does not make the track easier! At the Reversed Version it’s raining, and the tarmac and concrete surfaces are slippery. I tried to keep the tracks original aesthetics as good as possible.

L!lmexican provided some nice Cam-nodes, thanks for this! Also thanks to URV, for testing. If someone wants to do better AI-nodes, feel free to do so, and send them over to me so I can include them in the download later. The included AI-nodes are only very basic ones, because my main goal was, to make the track available for Online multiplayer races.

Have fun! 🙂

March 28th, 2019